The simplest way to integrate dynamic pricing into your eCommerce store or apps. Our unique machine learning approach creates personalized pricing for your store, products, and audience that gets smarter and more precise with each sale.


Product Lead

Parkwood is a media and entertainment company founded by Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. Our work and partnerships span music, film, technology, philanthropy, live events, and more.



BeatThread is the new home for music producers. We’re a community built for producers by producers. We’re the place where producers can grow their audience, gain exposure, find inspiration, and get real feedback on their music.



Fancy is the leading social e-commerce platform in the world, which boasts a world-class clientele that includes Jack Dorsey, Kanye West, Will Smith and many more.


Head of Product & Growth

The goal of every interaction with a fan or supporter is to make them a friend. SuperPhone helps you build deeper relationships in every step of your journey.



Art of the Hustle explores the stories, key moments, and advice from the world's best entrepreneurs. Guests include Tommy Hilfiger, Neil Blumenthal (Warby Parker), and Ilan Zechor (Genius), and more.

The Podcast